• Model NO.: DB980
  • 子标题: Coin Counter


1. Sorting speed: up to 1000 coins/m;
2. Up to 8 different denominations coins sorting;
3. Worldwide using: sorting coins diameter from 14 to 32 mm, thickness from 0.8 to 3.2 mm;
4. Low noise running design;
5. Sorting type: by an inclined rail system with belt leading coins;
6. Robust and strong structure for working about 20 years;
7. Auto stop when the sorting coins reach the bat settings;
8. Auto stop the machine when is empty;
9. Possibility for the technicians to enter a special internal control by password;
10. Connection to Mini printer and update via PC;
11. Possibility to enter operator's code, account number, date, time, banknote value, etc;
12. 8 boxes with a capacity of 300 coins/each or bag's holders;
13. Full set of options: shelf, bags' holders, tubes' holders, etc;
14. Very easy to set all denominations bath stop by the numbers key;
Large LCD Display: it can display all details of the coins in one screen:
A) Total coins pieces;
B) Total coins value;
C) Coins pieces of every denomination;
D) Coins value of every denomination;
E) Batch stops settings of every denomination;
F) Real time display;
G) Operator settings.

Dimensions: 668*280*350(mm)
Net Weight: 31Kg

Dimensions: 730*380*600(mm)
Gross Weight: 31+12Kg=43kg
Power: 120W

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