• Model NO.: DB3000
  • 子标题: Currency counter
产品左侧介绍 Front Loading,high speed and heavy-duty banknote counter

Feed System Roller Friction System
Currencies Available Euro、 USD and a local currency (Up to 5 currencies)
Counting Modes Automatic or manual Start Mode
Continuous Counting Mode
Batch Counting Mode
Only Counting Mode
Value Counting Mode (mixed, single, Face, Orientation)
Sort Counting Mode
Counting Speed Level 1:800notes/minute
Level 2:1000notes/minute
Level 3:1200notes/minute(only counting with counterfeir detect)
Level 4:1500notes/minute(Only counting)
Counterfeit Detection UV,MG(option),MT(option),IR (option)
Currency Recognition 4 directions
Display type Graphic LCD with blue backlight
Hopper Capacity Up to 500 notes
Stacker Capacity Up to 200 notes
Reject Pocket Capacity Up to 100 notes(default:50 notes)
Countable Note Size 40x90~100x175(mm)
Thickness 0.05~0.15(mm)
Software Update Via to PC by RS232 Serial Port
Power Source? AC 100~240 Volts , 50/60HZ
Power Consumption <100Watts
Dimensions L×W×H: 340mm×310mm×295mm
Weight NET: 11KG ; GROSS: 12KG
Other Function Self-diagnostic system, Print, Memery backup
Recover Default ,Remote LED Display


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